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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatments

Erection problems affect an estimated 10 % or more of all adult men. The age of a man can greatly affect the chance of erectile problems, so that by age 50, roughly 20% of men have some ED (erectile dysfunction), and by age 60, at least 30 % of all men have some sexual dysfunction including ED and premature ejaculation (PE).

A great contributor to ED is Low Testosterone level (Low T), which can be a problem for some men even in their 20’s or 30’s. Despite common misconceptions, ED is not “all in the head” of the male, and even men in their 20’s should consider an evaluation if there is any question of an occurring issue.

Mental and/or physical stimulation and adequate hormonal stimulation are both vital to obtaining and sustaining a proper erection. Adequate hormonal stimulation is said to take place when there is high Testosterone and low estrogen. An erection is also dependent upon appropriately responsive penile tissues of the erection bodies of the penis, including penile sensitivity (nerves) and vascular response (increasing body flow in/restriction of blood flow out).

Some general physicians may prescribe a treatment that is inconsistent with the diagnosis. Compared to other Urologists or Primary Care Physicians, an expert in the field of erectile dysfunction will be able to provide a more accurate diagnosis and, in turn, a more successful treatment program.

The Evaluation

The basic evaluation requires a medical/sexual history, physical exam, and blood tests for serum Testosterone, Estradiol and Prolactin levels. All efforts are made to avoid invasive, tender, or embarrassing diagnostic tests, and in most cases a good medical history can help prevent the need for them.

Treatment progresses from a simple trial of pills that enhance the body’s own natural erection mechanisms, such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or Stendra. These medications work in concert with the body’s own natural mechanisms and are effective in up to 70% of clients. If the body fails to respond to the oral medications after ruling out Low T as a cause for the erectile dysfunction, Dr. Buch may advise patients to consider either on demand penile self injections with tiny needles, which are painless and boast a 70 % success rate, or he will suggest vacuum constriction devices (VCD’s) which have a 50-70 % success rate.

If the extremely rare circumstance occurs that each of these steps fail, then the man may proceed to surgically implanted inflatable/deflatable penile implants (penile prostheses) which have a patient and partner satisfaction rate of greater than 90 %.

Treating ED at Legacy Male Health

Dr. Buch will also coordinate with certified sexual and relationship counselors to enable a comprehensive approach to your sexual issues. Needless to say, we rarely fail to return a client to acceptable sexual function and renewed confidence in themselves and their self image. Contact Dr. Jeffrey Buch at the Legacy Male Health for more information about erectile dysfunction or male health issues.

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