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Restoring intimacy, sexual health, and confidence with comprehensive PE and ED treatments

Over a nearly 40-year career, Dr. Jeffrey Buch has helped thousands of men renew their confidence, self-image, sexual health, intimacy, and relationships with partners. As a nationally recognized authority in men’s sexual health, Dr. Buch treats patients across Texas and beyond experiencing premature ejaculation (PE) and other potential symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) without invasive procedures such as surgery. 

Premature Ejaculation Treatments in Texas Area

The power and importance of sound diagnostics  

It is essential for the team at Legacy Male Health to understand the root cause of the problem. Accurate diagnostics furthermore support effective treatments and prompt resolution of the underlying problem. PE is largely characterized by rapid climax and release of semen. It can be a source of significant frustration and tension among partners, especially if PE occurs frequently. PE may be secondary to ED. In fact, it may be appropriate to treat ED first. 

ED is the most common sexual health problem reported by men. PE may no longer be a problem after erectile dysfunction is effectively resolved. ED is also characterized by an inability to get an erection at all or for a sufficient amount to have sex. Sometimes, erections are only partial and not firm enough for sex.  

Urologists and other primary care doctors may recommend treatments inconsistent with their patients’ diagnoses. Not so here. Due to Dr. Buch’s extensive, focused knowledge and expertise, we have a sound foundation for successful treatment programs built on accurate diagnostics.  

Our expansive testing includes a review of your medical history, physical evaluation, and tests to assess the level of testosterone and other hormones. Your comfort is our priority. Every effort is made with thorough reviews of medical histories to avoid any tests that might be uncomfortable, tedious, invasive, or embarrassing to you, or to avoid a test that would not change your therapy choice.  

Treatments at Legacy Male Health

Here again, we emphasize nonsurgical therapies. Depending on what we find following an evaluation, it may be appropriate to prescribe medications that affect serotonin levels in the brain. This substance helps to manage our moods, emotions, libido, and sleep quality. Low serotonin may be responsible for PE. Additionally, topical creams or sprays may be recommended. These products have a numbing effect, which helps to delay the onset of ejaculation. It is important to apply these products exactly as directed by Dr. Buch. 

If ED is to blame, Dr. Buch may prescribe medications such as Viagra® or Cialis®, drugs that work by increasing blood flow to the penis. Sometimes, testosterone therapy may be incorporated with these medications if levels of this hormone are low.  For nearly 6 years, Dr. Buch has been using cutting-edge therapy with low intensity painless energy wave treatments called GainsWave to improve erections in up to 75 % of men treated.   Additional therapies for ED include painless self-injections of Alprostadil singularly or combined with two other drugs for increased potency. These options are just the tip of the iceberg for treatments available at our office, but they have high success rates of 70% or more.   

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Comprehensive care

Many factors contribute to the development and progression of PE, ED, and other conditions that are treated by our team. Due to this fact, treatments demand multi-faceted approaches. For instance, we work with highly qualified, certified sexual and relationship counselors and other members of patients’ care teams to devise strategies that actually work to restore the satisfaction they (and their partners) get from sex. We and other professionals may also advise on behavioral therapies or other techniques to aid in delaying ejaculation and controlling climax. Additional recommendations are both good for your sex life and for your overall systemic health! We may “prescribe” changes to diet, smoking cessation, stress management, exercise, and the introduction of other healthy habits.  

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Dr. Buch is a life saver. Dr. Buch was very helpful with me with my low-t. Dr. Buch started me on an Hrt program that I am now finally started to feel good. I am also doing Sermorelon/ghrp-2 and it's been a month already and I feel great. My wife like's the stamina and vigor I have in the bedroom. I highly recommend this Dr., he will help you to feel great again and his staff is super friendly as well. Also my friends are noticing a difference in me as well and boy it feels great to hear those compliments. Thanks a lot Dr. Buch you're the best.
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Dr. Jeffrey Buch

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Graduating from the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Residency in Surgery and Urology from Albany Medical Center of Union College in Albany, NY, and Fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, Dr. Jeffrey Buch is a highly skilled specialist in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery with over 34 years of experience.

With a nationally recognized practice in Greater Dallas Texas, he has authored many articles in prestigious journals whilst undertaking the training of other urologists in his field.

Dr. Buch’s passion is to partner with his patients in resolving their medical concerns and to provide them with the finest possible service with respect to Male Reproductive Health.