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Reversing A Vasectomy

Legacy Male Fertility Experts - Dr.Jeffrey P. Buch, M.D. Jeffrey P. Buch, M.D.
1 in 20 married men have had a vasectomy at some point in their lives, permanently preventing the conception of a child. As deciding that you no longer wish to have children is a big and life-changing personal choice, it’s no wonder that many men change their mind sometime after the procedure. The reawakened desire to conceive a child can be influenced by a new marriage or relationship, a tragedy, or just a simple change of heart. Thanks to vasectomy reversal and skilled microsurgeons like Dr. Jeffrey Buch, 30,000 to 40,000 men each year are able to conceive a child even after a vasectomy.

Finding a Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Finding a vasectomy reversal doctor is an important process and a difficult decision. There are many seemingly qualified vasectomy reversal surgeons to choose from. How should you decide among them? Rather than pick the cheapest procedure, you should choose the doctor who provides the highest quality care and skill for your time and money.

While many people consider their physical well-being when looking for a doctor to perform their vasectomy reversal, emotional support is another crucial part of a successful procedure. At Legacy Male Health, we focus on both. Dr. Buch uses his experience and expertise to carefully perform every operation, all while providing individual support and attention to each of his patients. With his formula of proficiency and exceptional patient care, 99% of Dr. Buch’s patients have been able to successfully return sperm to ejaculation after. This includes men who have had failed vasectomy reversal surgeries prior, as well as those who had their vasectomy more than 20 years ago, both of which are considered to have a low success rate in other doctor's hands.

Dr. Buch’s relationship with each of his patients extends far beyond the duration of the procedure. Whether it’s a question about the operation, a concern about recovery, or the wonderful news of a new addition to the family, we maintain a line of communication with every patient for years after the vasectomy reversal surgery.

Nationally recognized Expert in Male Fertility and Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal

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It is truly an honor and a privilege for Dr. Buch and Legacy Male Health to provide highly specialized and valued services to you and your partner, whether you’re looking for a local vasectomy reversal in the Dallas / Fort Worth area or traveling from a location across the United States or from overseas. We invite you to learn more about Legacy Male Health and Dr. Buch, as well as pregnancy after a vasectomy, success rates, alternatives, the procedure, cost and more. Please call us at (972) 996-7177 today or complete the form to your right to schedule a consultation.

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