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In the case of sperm cryopreservation, a man's semen is frozen for future use. A sperm cryobank is a facility that collects, stores, and freezes the sperm.

Very few vasectomy reversal clinics offer this value-added service to patients. Our full-service andrology lab, North Texas Male Infertility Center, P.A., is under the direct supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Buch. This regionally recognized sperm-testing laboratory is conveniently located on-site at the Legacy Male Health and received the 2009-2010 COLA Award for its commitment to performing quality patient testing, best lab practices, safety, efficiency, compliance and patient care.

Sperm banking is used in a variety of different situations. Most commonly, men bank sperm because they are about to undergo treatments or take medications that may affect their sperm production. Under normal conditions, the chance of a woman conceiving in any one month is no more than 20%. In donor insemination programs using frozen sperm, the monthly chance of pregnancy is approximately one-half that rate. The chances for pregnancy for a particular couple will depend on a variety of factors. These include the sperm quality before freezing, how well the sperm survives the freezing and thawing process, how many samples are produced and therefore, how many months of insemination can be performed, and whether or not there are any female infertility factors present.

Sperm from the site of reconnection can also be Cryopreserved at the time of vasectomy reversal. However, please be aware that sperm in the blocked system behind a vasectomy are less mature than ejaculated sperm. These sperm can only achieve reliable pregnancy rates when used for in-vitro-fertilization with intracellular sperm injection into the wife’s egg (IVF-ICSI).

We also offer sperm cryopreservation to chemo-therapy patients. Many men with cancer or testicular disease have lower than average sperm counts even before chemotherapy or radiation therapy. No guarantee can be given that pregnancy will result, no matter how many specimens are stored. In general, because of the damage to the sperm that is unavoidable in the freezing and thawing process, the chances for pregnancy using frozen sperm are less than with fresh sperm. If the initial sample shows low sperm count or movement, you will be notified so as to decide if any further specimens will be frozen.

If you are considering long-term sperm cryopreservation, discuss these considerations with your doctor. Legacy Male Health can take care of all your storage arrangements. Call our office at (972) 996-7177 to preserve your Legacy today.

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