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Vasectomy Reversal Cost Frisco, TX - Baby
How much does a vasectomy reversal cost? The cost of reverse vasectomy is best looked at by examining the value you receive. While most people tend to focus on the exact dollar amount we tend to look at the sucess rates and the experience that we bring to the table. We are the very best at what we do. We have some of the highest success rates in the world for a vasectomy reversal. Only when you understand the real Vasectomy Reversal Cost, can you get the right care at a fair price and the most complete care at a good value.

How do the two relate, cost and success?

Dr. Buch can achieve up to a 99% rate for return of sperm. Your local doctor who only does a few reversals each year averages about a 50 % chance of returning sperm. If the local Urologist has a cost structure of approximately $6,000 for a 50 % chance to return sperm this results in a success rate adjusted Vasectomy Reversal Cost of $12,000 (if 100 % chance of returning sperm was achievable then his dollar cost of $6,000 is multiplied by two since his success rate is only 50%). By comparison, Dr. Buch has a cost structure of $8,300 for a 99% chance to return sperm, which results in a success rate adjusted Vasectomy Reversal Cost of $8,400 (for a first time reversal). He not only has a much higher success rate, but gives you a much better value than your local doctor, even if you live a jet flight away from Dallas and include your travel costs.

Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives

What about the alternative of retrieving sperm from behind the failed vasectomy reversal and using that sperm for In Vitro Fertilization with Intra Cellular Sperm Injection (IVF-ICSI)?

Dr. Buch has offered sperm retrieval combined with IVF-ICSI as an alternative to vasectomy reversal since 1994. However, this combination is not his typical recommendation, even for couples with a prior failed reversal since the Vasectomy Reversal Cost of a redo reversal from Dr. Buch results in a more cost effective solution. For example, IVF-ICSI in Dallas has an average cost of $16,000 and the cost of a sperm retrieval procedure averages $2,000 for a combined cost of $18,000 with a pregnancy success rate of 50 % per try, resulting in a success rate adjusted cost of $36,000 per pregnancy. By comparison, a repeat reversal from Dr. Buch has a dollar cost of $8,700 with a natural pregnancy rate of 50 % or greater resulting in a success rate adjusted Vasectomy Reversal Cost of $16,600, and therefore is more than twice as cost effective as the sperm retrieval and IVF-ICSI alternative.

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Bill and I would like to thank you for everything and for our beautiful son. We think of you often, and how lucky we were to have had such a wonderful Doctor. We hope that everything is going well for you and we wanted to send you some pictures of Matthew. We will never forget you and how you helped make our very special wish come true. Thanks again.
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Vasectomy Reversal Cost Frisco, TX