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GAINSWave treatment for erectile dysfunction
An estimated one in ten men deals with erectile dysfunction - inability to achieve erection, too soft for penetration, or not enough staying power. It is time to start talking about this real medical condition with Dr. Jeffrey Buch. Rather than treating symptoms, he delves into underlying causes of ED to deliver treatment tailored for your health, body, and lifestyle. The innovative GAINSWave noninvasive treatment option is available at Legacy Male Health in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX.

Up to Seventy-five percent success rate over time

Most cases of ED are related to impaired blood flow and loss of sensation. GAINSWave directs pulsating high-frequency acoustic energy to the source of the problem. Sound waves break up deposits of plaque and open blood vessels for immediate improvement. In the long term, treatment stimulates growth of new blood vessels, for naturally increased flow that allows firmer, sustainable erections.

GAINSWave also improves sexual function through a process called neurogenesis. It activates growth of new nerve tissues, increasing sensitivity for arousal and intense satisfaction. Early response occurs in at least 50 % of men, and over time, up to 75 % will respond.

GAINSWave treatment for erectile dysfunction in Dallas and Frisco, TX - what to expect

We have found no need for topical numbing creams. The treatment is totally safe and pain free to ensure a comfortable and discreet experience. There is no pain with GAINSWave, just a rapid tapping sensation as soundwaves are applied to the penis and erectile tissue. The procedure is performed on site at Legacy Male Health and takes about a half hour. You are able to drive yourself to and from the procedure and to resume sex that evening.

Benefits of GAINSWave

  • Cleared by the FDA.
  • Completely noninvasive.
  • Low intensity shockwave therapy been used in Europe for more than 15 years, establishing a high success rate.
  • Since this method is drug-free, there is no risk of interaction with other medications.
  • No need to remember a pill or inject medication into this delicate area. GAINSWave allows your body to function as nature intended.
  • Also safe for males who do not have ED, simply to preserve vascular health and enjoy enhanced performance and reduced recovery time following orgasm.
  • Results are medically proven to last in some cases up to 2 years without retreatment.
  • Risk of side effects is virtually nil.

Erectile dysfunction is a male wellness and quality of life issue. GAINSWave is a valid medical treatment. Call (972) 996-7177 for a consultation with Dr. Buch at Legacy Male Health in Frisco, TX.

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