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Benefit from our unique experience and capabilities in sperm banking or “cryopreservation”

At Legacy Male Health, you benefit from a foremost, globally-recognized authority in men’s reproductive health and male-factor infertility: Dr. Jeffrey Buch. In addition to a unique level of expertise, our team is equipped to provide services that other vasectomy reversal clinics near Frisco, Texas, and much farther afield, cannot offer. Notably, our patients find considerable value in our onsite sperm testing laboratory. Depending on your needs and wants, we are happy to discuss sperm banking, which is also known by various other names – including sperm “freezing,” “cryopreservation,” and “cryobanking.”

Benefit from our unique experience and capabilities in sperm banking or “cryopreservation” in Dallas TX Area

Get to know the value and capabilities of NTMIC Sperm Lab

For almost 30 years, the North Texas Male Infertility Center, P.A. (NTMIC) has helped men and their partners overcome fertility challenges and achieve the family of their dreams. You can trust our team’s considerable expertise and commitment to stringent procedures when providing accurate diagnostics (such as semen analyses) and services such as sperm banking or cryopreservation. In fact, our lab services team at NTMIC/Legacy Male Health has been recognized with a COLA Award for excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care. Our patients have peace of mind at every step in the process, starting with a consultation/evaluation. 

Candidates for sperm freezing 

Basically, any time normal sperm production may be or has been adversely affected and interferes with the ability to conceive a child, cryobanking may be considered in a couple’s future. In short, the process involves collecting, preparing, and freezing sperm samples for later use. In fact, our lab’s combination of exacting standards and state-of-the-art cryopreservation equipment has resulted in couples becoming pregnant 14 years after their sample was first processed and preserved. As with all medical services and treatments, it should be noted that there is no guarantee of pregnancy. Many factors can affect the ability to conceive successfully after accessing frozen, preserved sperm. We can discuss those factors with you and your partner during an appointment at our practice. 

Of particular interest to Legacy Male Health patients, sperm may be cryopreserved at the time of the vasectomy reversal procedure. Now, these sperm are primarily not as mature as ejaculated sperm (and, in turn, can only predictably result in pregnancy when the sperm is used for assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF (with ICSI – intracellular sperm injection into the spouse’s or partner’s egg). Patients with the following conditions or situations have also turned to us for our cryopreservation experience and capabilities:

  • Those facing chemo, radiation, and other cancer treatments that can affect the viability and quantity of sperm 
  • Men who are taking a range of antifungal, ulcer management, or testosterone replacement drugs (among other types of medications), which alter how the body produces hormones 
  • Those undergoing a wide array of medical procedures that can impair sperm quality and function; for instance, repairs of inguinal hernias, and scrotal, prostate, and testicular surgeries 

The process

Cryobanking is generally straightforward. We will walk you through everything to expect and encourage you to contact us with any questions. It is, for example, essential that the sperm sample be collected properly. After all, the density of the sperm in a given sample must be maintained, though it is vulnerable to deterioration. Time is of the essence. So, depending on your situation, it may work best to drop off the sample or to discreetly collect it at our private, onsite location. 

From there, our team expertly processes the sample by applying cryoprotectants to aid in preserving and protecting the sperm. Processed samples are placed in vials and stored in liquid nitrogen at -320 degrees Fahrenheit. When you and your spouse or partner are ready, the samples will be waiting for you! They are then subject to further stringent protocols, including thawing, “washing,” and testing before being used in fertility treatments – to ensure healthy movement and overall viability. 

“Bank” on us. Call Legacy Male Health in Frisco, TX, today at (972) 996-7177 to learn more about cryopreservation services. 

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Dr. Buch is a life saver. Dr. Buch was very helpful with me with my low-t. Dr. Buch started me on an Hrt program that I am now finally started to feel good. I am also doing Sermorelon/ghrp-2 and it's been a month already and I feel great. My wife like's the stamina and vigor I have in the bedroom. I highly recommend this Dr., he will help you to feel great again and his staff is super friendly as well. Also my friends are noticing a difference in me as well and boy it feels great to hear those compliments. Thanks a lot Dr. Buch you're the best.
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Dr. Jeffrey Buch

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Graduating from the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Residency in Surgery and Urology from Albany Medical Center of Union College in Albany, NY, and Fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, Dr. Jeffrey Buch is a highly skilled specialist in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery with over 34 years of experience.

With a nationally recognized practice in Greater Dallas Texas, he has authored many articles in prestigious journals whilst undertaking the training of other urologists in his field.

Dr. Buch’s passion is to partner with his patients in resolving their medical concerns and to provide them with the finest possible service with respect to Male Reproductive Health.