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Men’s reproductive health doctor in Dallas, TX explains male sexual anatomy

Doctor giving consult for prostate problems to patient

Several male reproductive organs are involved in a male’s sexual anatomy. All of these organs work together in harmony to help a man ejaculate and reproduce, so learning about your sexual anatomy can help you understand why you may have issues with fertility or sexual dysfunction, as well as how the treatments for these issues work. If you are considering a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal, an understanding of the male anatomy is important in understanding how these procedures are effective in halting or reinstating the flow of sperm. Dr. Jeffrey Buch, physician at Legacy Male Health in the Dallas, TX … Continue reading

Vasectomy Recanalization

Vasectomy Recanalization Frisco

Unplanned recanalization is where the vas deferens manages to “grow back” as well as reverse the vasectomy, making a male fertile again. Recanalization doesn’t necessarily indicate a full return of fertility. Any kind of re-growth is most likely to form a channel that is a lot smaller sized than the vas deferens was initially, thus fertility is likely to be minimized. There are 2 classifications of recanalization–late and early. Early recanalization is likely to occur in the initial couple of weeks post-vasectomy but before being given the all clear. Most of the data surrounding vasectomy failure will refer to this … Continue reading

Effective treatments for male reproductive health in Dallas and Frisco

treatments for male reproductive health in Dallas and Frisco

At Legacy Male Health, Dr. Jeffrey Buch has created a center for male reproductive health concerns. Dallas and Frisco, TX area men who are struggling with infertility, sexual dysfunction, or other sexual health issues are welcome to schedule an appointment at his practice. Services provided Cryopreservation – there are many situations during a man’s life in which sperm banking by cryopreservation can be beneficial. Men who are undergoing fertility threatening surgeries or treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can take advantage of sperm banking to protect the potential for future children. Infertility – when infertility concerns arise, Dr. Jeffrey Buch … Continue reading

Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health

In the discussion of Men’s Health, the term Reproductive Health often appears. Male reproductive health is the overall medical condition of the reproductive anatomy of a human male. An essential portion of the equation is the creation of normal and mature sperm. The male reproductive process The reproductive process of a male is highly evolved and efficient. Sperm is created in a man’s testes and passes through the epididymis, which stores and nourishes the sperm to maturity. Once this occurs, the sperm travels through the vas deferens and may also be stored in the seminal vesicles. Upon ejaculation, the sperm … Continue reading

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Dr. Buch is a life saver. Dr. Buch was very helpful with me with my low-t. Dr. Buch started me on an Hrt program that I am now finally started to feel good. I am also doing Sermorelon/ghrp-2 and it's been a month already and I feel great. My wife like's the stamina and vigor I have in the bedroom. I highly recommend this Dr., he will help you to feel great again and his staff is super friendly as well. Also my friends are noticing a difference in me as well and boy it feels great to hear those compliments. Thanks a lot Dr. Buch you're the best.
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