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Men’s reproductive health doctor in Dallas, TX explains male sexual anatomy

Several male reproductive organs are involved in a male’s sexual anatomy. All of these organs work together in harmony to help a man ejaculate and reproduce, so learning about your sexual anatomy can help you understand why you may have issues with fertility or sexual dysfunction, as well as how the treatments for these issues work. If you are considering a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal, an understanding of the male anatomy is important in understanding how these procedures are effective in halting or reinstating the flow of sperm. Dr. Jeffrey Buch, physician at Legacy Male Health in the Dallas, TX area, explains key male sexual anatomy concepts below.

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External sex organs

Men have both internal and external sex organs that all play important roles in your body. The two key external sex organs in a man are the penis and the scrotum.

The penis consists of three cylinder-shaped layers of tissue, and it is filled with blood vessels. When you are aroused, these vessels fill with blood to make the penis hard and erect, which is also known as an erection. Getting an erection is important for the male to be able to participate in sexual intercourse because it makes it possible for the man’s penis to enter the female’s vagina. A tube called the urethra runs through the middle of the penis, and it carries both urine from your bladder and semen from your internal sex organs through the penis to outside the body. When you have an erection, your body naturally blocks urine from flowing out so that you can only release semen when you ejaculate. The glans is the tip of your penis when you are born, it is covered with foreskin, which is a hood-like thin piece of skin. This foreskin is sometimes removed surgically in a procedure called circumcision, which is done in approximately half of the penises in the United States.

The scrotum is the pouch that contains the testicles. It is external to your body so that it can keep your testicles at the right temperature for developing sperm. To aid the process of maintaining the optimal temperature for sperm development, the scrotum has a muscle called the cremaster that allows it to contract to bring your testicles closer to your body, as well as relax to pull them further away.

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Internal sex organs

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There are several internal male sex organs that serve important functions in helping you feel desire, create sperm and fluid for them to travel in, and ejaculate.

  • The testicles are the two spherical glands insides that are on each side of your scrotum. They serve the important functions of making sperm and creating the hormone testosterone, which plays several different roles in the man’s body. Testosterone is important for your sex drive, building your muscles and strength, determining how fat is distributed on your body, and bone mass.
  • The epididymis is the tube where your sperm mature after they leave the testicles. This tube connects each one of your testicles to each vas deferens, which is a long tube that takes the sperm to your seminal vesicles during ejaculation.
  • The seminal vesicles are where semen is created, which is important because it allows your sperm to move.
  • The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped organ that also creates fluid for your semen.
  • The Cowper’s gland, also called the Bulbourethral gland, is located under the prostate and it produces another fluid called pre-ejaculate that is released before you ejaculate to prepare your urethra.

Importance of male anatomical health

All of the above organs and tubes work together to provide semen a healthy environment to develop and eventually flow through your penis to ejaculate. Male hormones also play a key role in generating sexual desire, stimulating the production of sperm, and generating the right amount of sperm. Certain factors, such as your age and lifestyle choices, can affect the quantity or quality of sperm and seminal fluids that your body produces.

Whether you are seeking treatment for infertility, sexual dysfunction, or other male reproductive health issues, Dr. Jeffrey Buch can provide comfortable, professional, high-quality care. He will explain any recommended treatments in detail so that you understand why they are being recommended and how they will work and will answer any questions you have. The office is conveniently located in Frisco, TX and Dr. Buch serves patients throughout the greater Dallas area. Call (972) 996-7177 to schedule an appointment today.


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