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Treatment for male infertility in Frisco, TX

Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Legacy Male Health provides Treatment for male infertility in Frisco, TX

Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Legacy Male Health provides patients with a variety of services under one roof. From vasectomies to treatment for male infertility, Frisco area men can speak to a professional about their sexual health concerns. When male infertility is an issue, they can talk to a doctor to find the cause and a solution to their problems.

Discreet services

Dr. Jeffrey Buch understands the embarrassment that may follow a diagnosis of male infertility. However, he offers discreet care and solutions to help men become fathers. Couples who are having trouble conceiving are encouraged to be evaluated to determine the source of the issue. 60% of infertility issues experienced by couples are related to the male’s sperm, while 20 percent of infertility is caused by issues from both individuals in the relationship. Assessing semen through semen analysis can help detect issues on the side of the male.

Issues developing in male sperm

There are several issues that can be detected through semen analysis. They include the concentration of sperm, the motility of sperm, and size and shape. These factors can cause difficulty in terms of conceiving a child. By determining the source of the problem, our team can then work with couples to help them conceive.

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The team of Legacy Male Health in the Frisco, TX area offers diagnosis and treatment for male infertility, as well as other services for men. If you are interested in learning more about treatment for this and other male health concerns, make an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Buch today. His practice can be reached at (972) 996-7177 or by visiting his conveniently located office at 5616 Warren Parkway, #101. Patients are welcome to speak to our staff and find out how to improve their ability to enjoy fatherhood!

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Bill and I would like to thank you for everything and for our beautiful son. We think of you often, and how lucky we were to have had such a wonderful Doctor. We hope that everything is going well for you and we wanted to send you some pictures of Matthew. We will never forget you and how you helped make our very special wish come true. Thanks again.
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