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Atlanta Vasectomy Reversal

Have you been thinking of starting a family of your own or growing your family again? If you had a vasectomy in the past, don’t let that stop you. Dr. Jeffrey Buch at the Legacy Male Health Institute in Dallas has been helping men to become fathers for decades. Atlanta vasectomy reversal patients and their partners have traveled to see Dr. Buch due to his high level of success with reversing vasectomies and his money-back guarantee. Several nearby accommodations to the Legacy Male Health Institute and surgery center make taking a trip for your procedure a breeze.

Dr. Jeffrey Buch at the Legacy Male Health Institute in Dallas

Vasectomy Reversals Atlanta Patients

Atlanta men have places to go in their own city for a vasectomy reversal; however, if you are from Atlanta and want guaranteed results on your procedure, come to Dallas to let Dr. Jeffrey Buch do the task. Dr. Buch has been in the field of men’s health for decades helping men who have had vasectomies become fathers. His skill is so sharp that he provides a guarantee with each vasectomy reversal. Because a vasectomy reversal is a surgical procedure that requires a general anesthesia, it is performed in the high-tech Frisco Ambulatory Surgical Center at the Legacy Male Health Institute. At the center, you will consult with Dr. Buch before scheduling your surgery. He will be able to determine the type of procedure you need and let you know more details about your particular case.

Vasectomy Reversal Success of Dr. Buch

The vasectomy reversal success rates are very important to consider. When it comes to straight forward vasectomy reversals that can be performed on both sides, return of sperm is achieved in 98% of patients, with a corresponding 65% or higher natural pregnancy rate. (Of all couples trying to conceive, 85% or higher will achieve a natural conception by the end of one year). In the case that a bypass to the epididymis is required on both sides due to a secondary blockage or “epididymis blow-out”, these cases still achieve return of sperm in 85%, with a corresponding 50% pregnancy rate. The overall success rate of Dr. Buch, with a patient average of 11.5 years from time of the vasectomy to the time of the vasectomy reversal, 98% of patients achieve return of sperm with a nearly 60% natural pregnancy rate. Due to his world of experience, nearly half of the cases he has seen are complicated redo cases of previously failed vasectomy reversals from other surgeons.

Atlanta Vasectomy Reversal Travel

Whether you fly into DFW Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport, the Legacy Male Health Institute is a short commute, and there are many hotels in very close proximity to the location of the clinic and surgery center to match any travel budget. If you arrive the night before and have some extra time, you and your partner have a wide selection on shopping, dining, and entertainment to enjoy after you get settled in. Because a vasectomy reversal may be done one of two ways, and depending on the procedure Dr. Buch deems to be appropriate for you, it may take three to four hours. During this time, you will be under anesthesia and monitored while at the Frisco Ambulatory Surgical Center. After your procedure, you may return to your hotel with a minimum of after effects from the anesthesia, but you will need time to recover before returning home to Atlanta.

If your original decision about fatherhood has changed or you and your partner have changed your plans for your family and wish to now leave a legacy behind in your children, reversing your vasectomy is the next step. Take the step and schedule a vasectomy reversal phone consultation appointment with Dr. Buch about your procedure to make your way down the road to fathering children.



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Dr. Buch is a life saver. Dr. Buch was very helpful with me with my low-t. Dr. Buch started me on an Hrt program that I am now finally started to feel good. I am also doing Sermorelon/ghrp-2 and it's been a month already and I feel great. My wife like's the stamina and vigor I have in the bedroom. I highly recommend this Dr., he will help you to feel great again and his staff is super friendly as well. Also my friends are noticing a difference in me as well and boy it feels great to hear those compliments. Thanks a lot Dr. Buch you're the best.
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Graduating from the University of Michigan School of Medicine and Residency in Surgery and Urology from Albany Medical Center of Union College in Albany, NY, and Fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, Dr. Jeffrey Buch is a highly skilled specialist in Male Reproductive Medicine and Microsurgery with over 34 years of experience.

With a nationally recognized practice in Greater Dallas Texas, he has authored many articles in prestigious journals whilst undertaking the training of other urologists in his field.

Dr. Buch’s passion is to partner with his patients in resolving their medical concerns and to provide them with the finest possible service with respect to Male Reproductive Health.