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What is the cost to reverse a vasectomy in Frisco?

cost to reverse a vasectomy in Frisco

Men who have had a vasectomy and are having second thoughts need to speak to a professional about the possibilities of vasectomy reversal. Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Legacy Male Health in Frisco, Texas provides successful treatment at an affordable cost. In fact, his surgical expertise is backed with a money back guarantee!

The cost

Dr. Buch offers a specific cost for vasectomy reversals with an extremely high success rate. The cost of a reversal is $8,300 and has a 99 percent chance of success in returning sperm. This treatment is relative in cost to other doctors in the area but has a better guarantee of allowing men to conceive children following their procedure.

The process

The process begins with a consultation appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Buch. Patients book an appointment by calling Legacy Male Health. On the day of the appointment, patients are encouraged to ask questions about what they can expect before, during, and after the procedure. The appointment is scheduled and patients arrive for their procedure. When they are released, they will be given after-care instructions. Our team will also follow-up with the patients to make sure all is healing as expected, and a recall appointment is made. Patients can come in for testing to ensure the vasectomy reversal has worked and allows the patient the ability to conceive a child successfully.

Other services available

Dr. Buch offers many other services, including:

  • Vasectomies
  • Sexual dysfunction treatment
  • Male infertility treatment
  • Treatment for low testosterone

Schedule a visit today!

Learn more about vasectomy reversal with the doctor who has years of experience in providing successful results and offers a money back guarantee. Contact Legacy Male Health today to schedule an appointment, call us at (972) 996-7177 or visit our office conveniently located at 5616 Warren Parkway #101 in Frisco, Texas.


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Bill and I would like to thank you for everything and for our beautiful son. We think of you often, and how lucky we were to have had such a wonderful Doctor. We hope that everything is going well for you and we wanted to send you some pictures of Matthew. We will never forget you and how you helped make our very special wish come true. Thanks again.
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