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Sexual Dysfunction

Types of sexual dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction refers to any physical or psychological problem that prevents an individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. It is a common condition that can affect men at any age. Men over 40 are specifically susceptible, as it is often closely related to aging.

Types of sexual dysfunction

The most common forms of sexual dysfunction include a weakened libido (sex drive), erection problems (ability to maintain a rigid penis), inability to orgasm (sensation of sexual climax), and either rapid or delayed ejaculation (production of semen at the tip of the penis that accompanies orgasm).

Male sexual dysfunction has often been associated with relationship issues. Your doctor can conclude whether or not relationship counseling is necessary, and may even recommend a local relationship counselor that will be able to help.

Sexual dysfunction treatment

Fortunately, most types of sexual dysfunction are treatable. During your diagnosis, your doctor will determine possible underlying causes that could be the source of the problem. Treatment can include anything from making modifications to your lifestyle, prescribed medication, recommended techniques to practice during sexual activity, and even eliminating medications that may be causing sexual side effects. If your doctor believes that the source of the dysfunction is psychological or due to a problem in your relationship, he/she may recommend visits to a counselor or psychologist.

Sexual dysfunction is a difficult topic to discuss especially with a physician. Although it may be an uncomfortable topic, you should not be embarrassed. The more honest you are with your doctor, the better he/she will understand your condition and treat you accordingly.


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