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Low T treatments designed carefully by your Frisco male health care team

Treating low-T Legacy Male Health

The primary difference between a boy and a man is the presence of testosterone in the blood. During puberty, a rise in serum testosterone levels prompts a number of physical changes, including body and facial hair, increased muscle mass, and a deeper voice. While this sex hormone is often associated with libido, testosterone is also crucial to a man’s overall mood, bone density, and ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Sperm production also starts with healthy hormone levels.

One of the common problems we see at Legacy Male Health is low T, or hypogonadism. Men looking for suitable treatments can trust that the team in our Frisco area practice will design care around their unique needs. Merely supplementing low-T with some type of testosterone replacement, natural or otherwise, may not achieve the desired result.

Treating low-T

Treatments for low testosterone are results-oriented. In addition to improving sexual performance, restored hormone levels have also been shown to enhance energy and mental clarity. Optimal testosterone levels promote cardiovascular health and lean muscle mass, according to studies. Additional research has demonstrated that raising serum levels of testosterone also leads to better bone density, an important factor for the aging male.

One of the issues identified with testosterone treatments is a lack of consistency in hormone levels. In order to achieve the best results from treatment, it is necessary to keep serum levels from peaking and dropping drastically. A new drug is showing promising results in reaching this goal. The investigational use of LPCN-1021 was a part of the Study of Androgen Replacement trial, in which 315 men with low-T participated.

Initial findings from this study showed a marked improvement in the blood serum levels of patients treated with the drug. Throughout the 13-week trial, 24-hour testosterone levels remained consistently within the target range. Oral testosterone replacement is deemed safe for men with low-T. An important aspect of treatment, compliance, also seems improved with the twice-a-day dosage of the highly bioavailable drug.

Legacy Male Health is at the forefront of innovative solutions to your health concerns. To get the latest information regarding treatments for low testosterone, schedule your consultation with us. Call (972) 996-7177.


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